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Ileene Robinson Legacy FC Walk 2020 Page

Ileene Robinson

Houston Friendship Zoo Walk

Dear Friends of Illeene's Legacy of Friendship,

The Friendship Circle will be having a special tribute to our co-founding coordinator of the Adult Division, Ileene Robinson. As you all know, we lost our dear Ileene to complications of leukemia half a year ago. However, Ileene's legacy will continue through the Friendship Circle adult programs at Richmond and Brenham State Supported Living Centers.

On December 6th, Friendship Circle of Houston will be having the annual Walk at The Houston Zoo. The walk is where we showcase and show support for the Friendship Circle and bring awareness to the Jewish community of Houston.

We ask all Voices in Prayers and friends of Ileene to walk with us on December 6th and to join Ileene's team.

May all our participation give Ileene much nachas in heaven and may she be a good advocate for all of us.


Rabbi Dovid Goldstein


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